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Tracking A Hashtag For A Holiday Contest

We recently received a question from a possible customer:

"Hi there! I am really excited about your product. I want to be sure that it does everything I need it to before paying. We are doing a holiday campaign where people enter by submitting a photo with a special hashtag on Instagram or Twitter. I want to be sure to capture all submissions on both platforms. Will Tag Sleuth do that?

"Additionally, I would like to be able to export the results to a spreadsheet so that I can pick a winner. Is that something I can do?"

The answer is yes, yes and yes!  Tag Sleuth is designed for the above scenario and we invite you to start a free trial to give it a try.

Tag Sleuth Now Supports Date Filtering

Probably the number one feature request we get from customers is the ability to filter an archive by date and see the visualizations and impressions reflect that filtering. At long last, we've deployed that feature!  You'll now see that the Date Range box for each archive is a hyperlink. If you click it, you'll get a form where you can pick the start date and end date. We also show you the volume of posts graph so you can look at spikes and dips more easily.

We then regenerate all the visualizations based on your date filter. Nice! This is really handy if you need to generate monthly reports, etc.

We hope you love the feature and let us know what you think via our Twitter account @tagsleuth.

We Are The Affordable Hashtag Analytics Solution

There are other options for tracking and aggregating hashtags across social media networks. And, if you've done your homework, you'll have found that they are much more expensive than Tag Sleuth.  You may be wondering how we keep our costs down but offer a great product that has feature parity with our competitors. Well, we recently published a page that explains how we do it here.

In a nutshell, our model is designed to scale without incurring additional costs, thus keeping the price down.  We run a tight ship here -- no venture capital, no outside investors to appease. And we are entirely focused on the hashtag analytics scenario.

We invite you to start a free trial and see what you think!

Instagram Video Viewer

These days, you are as likely to find a video on Instagram as you are to finding a photo. And, unlike Vine, an Instagram video can actually be more than six seconds – 15 to be exact. Given this we’ve enabled an Instagram video viewer in Tag Sleuth, such that you can watch all the videos from an Instagram hashtag in one place. And, if you like the Instagram video compilation, you can generate an .mp4 that you can download to your own machine and do with what you will: upload to YouTube, etc.

Here’s an example of an Instagram video compilation of the hashtag #superbowl.

Pretty nifty!

Introducing Tag Sleuth Alerts

Wouldn’t it be nice if you were notified when something significant happened in a social media hashtag or user that you were monitoring?  In other words, rather than having to examine an archive of posts, it would be handy if the computer did that for you.

With this in mind, we are excited to announce Tag Sleuth Alerts.  This new feature will notify you via email when something significant happens in your archive, determined by triggers that you configure.

We offer three alert triggers – more will be coming:

1. Profanity: We have a list of inappropriate language and any time a post uses one of these words, we will flag that post. We search the captions of photos (Vine, Instagram) and the text of posts (Twitter, Tumblr).   This is great for parents who want to monitors their kids social media but who don’t want to wade through every post of their son or daughter.                          

2. Word Detect: Provide us a list of words, separated by commas, and we’ll watch for those words and alert you if one is used. We search the captions of photos (Vine, Instagram) and the text of posts (Twitter, Tumblr). Let’s say you’re interested when someone tweets about a given topic or idea. This notification allows you to watch for that.                               

3. Influencer: We will alert you if a post comes in from one of your hashtags based on the number of followers that person has. By default, we set the threshold to 10,000, but you can configure it.  This is a great way to let you know if your hashtag just got picked up by, say, Oprah.

To add alerts to an active archive, click the “Off” link that appears next to your archive in the MY ARCHIVES page:


This will take you to the alerts page for that archive, where you can turn on/off different alerts and configure them.

You know that you have active alerts if the word “On” appears next to the archive.

We only send you one email a day, rolling up cumulatively all the alerts that matched your criteria.

We are really excited by this feature. It is a great example of having the computer do the work! Let us know feedback about your usage of this feature and of other alerts you’d like to see.