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Market Guide for Social Analytics

Check out Gartner's guide on picking a social media analytics provider.

There's some great advice in there, in fact here are the core recommendations when trying to pick a vendor:


  • Identify gaps in your current social analytics capabilities, anticipating increased desire for actionable insights from other teams in your organization.
  • Determine the required integration with multichannel marketing, advertising and CRM systems. Independent providers vary in their support of these functions, while many marketing cloud vendors now provide native social analytics capabilities or preconfigured integrations with preferred partners.
  • Take a realistic look at how you will distribute and act on the insights you get from social analytics. Vendors often differentiate their products through data visualizations, mobile alerts, and proprietary sentiment analysis methodologies. Determine your core requirements versus nice-to-haves.

Along with recommendations, there are vendors explicitly assessed, but as they say, "The vendors listed in this Market Guide do not imply an exhaustive list. This section is intended to provide more understanding of the market and its offerings."

Tag Sleuth and Tweet Archivist aren't explicitly mentioned. Interestingly, all the vendors listed charge 10x to 100x for the same kinds of services. Our services remain the low cost alternative, still providing the same core services that the listed vendors provide. Everything in the article applies.  We don't have all the features, but as Gartner says, "Determine your core requirements versus nice-to-haves."

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