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Social Media Analytics For Motivational Speakers And Self Help Gurus

"I am an established or rising social media guru, helping others accomplish their goals with my guidance. I get a lot of leads through social media channels and try to interact with my following through the ever-expanding portals of social media. Sometimes, I am overwhelmed by trying to understand how to effectively keep track of my social media. I know hashtags can help me, but I don't know how to make them work for me."

Does that sound like you?

If so, we can help!

Hashtag campaigns aren't just for majorly recognized brands like Nike or Coca Cola. Small businesses and individuals like you can get in them game and find value in using hashtags to help with brand recognition, lead generation, and staying active in social media. 

But monitoring and understanding the life of a hashtag presents a challenge -- and many of the solutions for managing hashtag campaigns are costly and complex.

Enter Tag Sleuth, a simple, affordable, and powerful solution for archiving and analyzing social media posts. 

Whether you are a motivational speaker, lifestyle advocate, or beauty guru, we can help you reach more people in a more effective manner, all at a fraction of the cost you would likely pay elsewhere.