Tag Sleuth Resources

Tag Sleuth For Students

Who are you?

    You’re a communications major, studying how the rise of social media has affected traditional print media.
    You’re planning to go into advertising, and you want to know how to launch the best social media campaign for your product.
    You’re taking a sociology class, and you’re tracking the national sentiment of marriage equality on Twitter.
    You’re someone who is passionately and unapologetically interested in social media, and what can be done with it.

 So, what can you do with Tag Sleuth?

    You can track hashtags across four different social media platforms (Vine, Twitter, Tumblr, and Instagram).The information you collect is analyzed by Tag Sleuth’s software and displayed in several metrics, all with easy-to-read displays.
    Download the raw data to use for your own analysis. For example, pull the data into a statistical modeling tool and write your own scripts to glean insights into the data.
    Use the FREE TOOLS to create your own content, like Vine and Instagram video compilations.

 Use it for free or purchase a subscription!