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  • “None of the Teachers Know What I Can Do” --

    Yesterday, Irving, Texas police arrested 14-year-old Mohammed Ahmed when they and his teachers mistook a homemade clock he had constructed out of circuit boards and wires for a bomb. This despite his repeated denials and attempts to explain his project. Handcuffed. Suspended. Called a liar. All over a clock. 

    Now it would be easy, and probably appropriate, to suspect at least a pinch of racisim in the mix here. But as was suggested in yesterday’s post, the bigger problem may be a lack of understanding and savvy on the part of the adults as to what’s possible these days with technology. 

    And Mohammed agrees:

    “Here in high school, none of the teachers know what I can do.”

    That just speaks volumes.

    And it begs the question, why are we ok with that? We spend boatloads of time and treasure on all sorts of stuff like differentiated instruction and assessment strategies and response to intervention and god knows what other stuff. But we refuse to spend time on making sure that everyone in the building at least has a clue of what’s possible with technology and what kids (and adults) are doing with it. I’m not even talking about getting people to actually make stuff in their classrooms with technology; I’m just suggesting that we understand what’s happening with tech in the real world. 

    And finally, what does it say about a culture that chooses suspicion over trust when it comes to kids? I know, there are bad 14-year olds out there, but not enough to suggest that we don’t give kids every benefit of the doubt at the start. 


    Update: The principal’s response.

    Sadder still. 

    #educaton  #schools  #texas 


    9/16/2015 1:32:57 PM
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    The Steps One Homeless Teen Took To Get A Full Ride To Yale

    “I thought if I can get accepted to an Ivy League, I will be gone. That will be the surest way to get out.”

    #homeless  #homelessness  #students  #important  #news  #high school  #usa  #politics  #recession 


    9/16/2015 2:00:08 PM
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    #jean anyon  #education  #public schools  #inner cities  #development  #daily kos  #politics 


    9/10/2015 1:01:05 AM
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    The charter school movement has been expelled from Washington state’s public education system, with a Supreme Court ruling late Friday that the privately run schools are not public schools under the state’s constitution. Meanwhile, the quick fix for that sizable hurdle sought by the state’s charter school proponents—a special legislative session—does not appear likely because Washington’s public education sector is embroiled in more controversial and larger battles.

    Charter school proponents are reeling in the wake of the court’s landmark ruling

    #charter schools  #public school  #american education  #school  #news 


    9/10/2015 3:30:35 PM
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    7 Things All New Teachers Need to Know

    You’ve set up your classroom, updated your LinkedIn and told all your friends. Now what?

    #Education  #Back to School  #New Teachers  #Teachers  #EdChat  #Teacher Resources 


    9/8/2015 2:58:01 PM
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    Teachers, especially teachers in WIDA states but really classroom teachers of language learners in general, can you see what this is and why I’m telling you about it on a national holiday? 

    This is not new, but I’ve never come across it: apparently once upon a time UMKC and the North KC school district got a grant and organized many many many many familiar (and perhaps some novel) teaching strategies across the WIDA proficiency levels and domains. The full document further organizes the strategies across principles of academic language learning and provides a full inventory and glossary of what the strategies. What a SUPER useful tool for both setting expectations and helping teachers effectively apply what they know and use with the language learners in their classrooms. ETA: this strikes me as more immediately useful for reluctant teachers than the CAN DO descriptors it closely resembles because it names strategies that teachers use instead of more generic things that students can do. 

    #!!!!  #education  #WIDA  #really just the best work I'll never have to do now 


    9/7/2015 3:23:55 PM
  • #grants  #free money  #apply soon  #teacher resources 


    9/4/2015 4:19:23 AM
  • Feeling smart vs feeling curious. --

    There’s a pile of personal surveys from my first year students on the table in front of me. One of the most recurrent ideas in these surveys is that many of these students felt like they were one of the smartest people in their high school classes, or at the very least that they were capable products of a good high school. Now that they are at college they no longer feel that this is the case and it creates existential anxieties. The impression from the surveys is less that these students knew or know that they are smart, and more that they felt smart. This is an important distinction. If one feels smart…maybe one is doing learning the wrong way. Consider how many stupid people you’ve encountered that felt like they were smart. In fact they were sure of it. That feeling of being smart is often just self-satisfaction, and it always makes me feel strangely uncomfortable when I encounter it in myself or in others. Equally bad sometimes is knowing that you are smart. How many smart people have wasted opportunities to learn and grow because they already knew enough? A more productive feeling is not so much smart’s opposite: feeling hopelessly stupid, but instead is feeling curious. When a person feels smart that person is often thinking about himself or herself. If one feels curious, truly curious, it dissolves the self at least for a bit. The best thing a first year college student can do is get curious. Forget about whether you look smart or even whether you are smart. Build the capacity to get more and more curious. Smart may proceed from that very point. At the very least it has a fighting chance.


    9/4/2015 4:33:03 AM
  • I want to work with you. --

    Are you a:

    • Teacher
    • Ed Techie
    • Education researcher
    • Teacherpreneur
    • Student advocate
    • All of the above?

    Fill out this quick form:

    Let’s work together. I’m calling all education experts for the chance to put your name on some exciting content, writing and research projects in the pipeline for USC Rossier School of Education.

    (Signal boost to weareteachers, girlwithalessonplan, teachorg, andimtheteacher, et al.)

    #Education  #Teachers  #USC Rossier School of Education  #Writing Opportunities  #Education Technology  #Teacher Education  #Pedagogy  #EdResearch  #EdTech  #StuVoice 


    9/2/2015 7:27:01 PM
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