• Over half of our customers are event planners. Tag Sleuth is the perfect tool for harnessing the power of social media at your conference. Get in on the action!
    People love to use social media at conferences. And, whether you are capturing the instagrams or not, people will be posting photos about your event: before it happens, while it is happening and even afterward. Tag Sleuth can help you track social media during all aspects of the conference. You don't want to miss the great conversations about your event that are happening on social media.
    Below is a complete guide to using social media and Tag Sleuth for event planners.



The most important thing you need to do is pick a tag for your event and promote it. Without a tag, there isn't much you can do. It is essential that all attendees know the hashtag and use it. Typically, it is short and memorable, aka #IDC2013 or #SXSW. If your event is an annual event, you need to decide whether to attach the year to your tag or not.

Once you've picked the tag, you should activate tag on Tag Sleuth immediately. With an active tag archive, you can rest assured that you won't miss any social media with that tag in it.

There are lots of things you can do to promote the tag and start getting value out of it before the event:

  • During registration At the conference registration process, provide a mechanism to allow the attendee to instagram that she is going to the conference.
  • In communication with attendees In emails sent to attendees before the show starts, encourage them to post on social media about the conference using the tag.
  • On the conference website On the conference website's session pages, encourage attendees to post what sessions they are excited about.
  • Have speakers use the hashtag Your speakers are your ambassadors. Let your speakers know about the tag.


During your event, social media can be a great back channel conversation about how the event is going. Again, it is important that attendees know the tag to use, so make sure it is posted in signage around the conference and on speaker's opening and closing slides. Encourage your speakers to annouce the tag in their sessions.

Once the conversation gets going, Tag Sleuth can help bubble up the gestalt of the conference. Here's some ideas:

  • Display the top user visualization as a leaderboard People love gamification and leaderboards. By displaying the Top User visualization, you can start a (friendly) competition for who tags the most at the conference.
  • Promote the Top Words visualization The Top Words visualization is a beautiful word cloud what people are talking about. It often captures the themes of a conference quite compellingly.
  • Show the most popular posts You can display the list of the most popular posts for that hashtag.
  • Find out who has the most influence Did someone famous talk about your conference? Use the influencer index to find out!

It is worth noting that when you embed the visualizations in a webpage, they auto update once an hour. So, you put a visualization up on a monitor and attendees can always see the latest.


Everyone knows how hectic it is when you are in the middle of a conference. Often there isn't time to sit an monitor Instagram for what people are saying. By using Tag Sleuth you can capture all the activity on social networks and then download them to Excel or PDF after the show.

At that time, there's lots you can do with the data:

  • Scour the media for attendee complaints When you find a complaint, tweet the attendee back and/or use the data for improving your conference next time.
  • Find out what you did well Discover trends on what attendees liked about the show.
  • Figure out who your influencers are The Top Users chart and Influencer Index chart are mechanisms to find the most vocal and most influential people tweeting about your conference. Reach out to them so that they are in your camp!