Compared to other social media analytics solutions, Tag Sleuth's pricing is dramatically lower -- on the order of 200% less expensive! You may be wondering how we keep our costs down while offering a great product.

Laser Focus

Tag Sleuth does one thing: hashtag analytics. We are entirely oriented to that scenario and we offer the same core features as our competitors on that front. If what you need is to track hashtags across networks -- whether for a contest, an event, a brand, a classroom project or a meme -- we've got a great, affordable solution for you.

As such, we don't focus on other scenarios, like managing your social media inbox.

The Power of Software

When you purchase a subscription to Tag Sleuth, you are paying for the power of software, not salaries. We don't have a gaggle of consultants or sales associates that are dragging down our bottom line. Our main costs involves paying for servers, bandwidth and storage. This is the cloud powered backend engine that updates your social media archives hourly, pulling the latest posts and running analytics algorithms.

A Scale Model

Our business model is based on volume. The engine the powers the software can scale horizontally. As such, our pricing is much more affordable than other companies. We don't have high touch, long sales cycles. You will never get a call from us, nor will you find a phone number on our website.

But you can count on great customer support if you have an issue. We respond to all emails within 24 hours.